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  • Hopstem Biotech at ISSCR2018 Annual Meeting


    Hopstem Biotechnology had a great time at the ISSCR2018 Annual Meeting in Melbourne.The conference was held on the 20th to 23th of June at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The ISSCR annual meeting is The World's Largest Stem Cell-focused Meeting. With more than 3,500 attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and media, the meeting brings together everyone from senior scientists to trainees to discover, share, and network with leading innovators in the stem cell community.

  • Hopstem Biotechnology at the World Preclinical Congress - iPS Cells for Disease Modeling and Drug Di


    June19-20, Hopstem Biotechnology participated the WPC in the Westin Copley Palace,Boston,MA. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual iPS Cells for Disease Modeling and Drug Discovery conference is designed to bring together experts and bench scientists working with pluripotent cells and end users of their services, researchers working on finding cures for specific diseases and disorders.This opens new and exciting opportunities for pluripotent stem cell utilization in early discovery, preclinical and translational research.

  • Great Guest From Afar, Happiness As We Are. Member of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, Professor


    December 7, 2017, Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. ushered it’s respectful guest, Dr. Wang Yutian, the Member of Royal Canadian Academy of Sciences, an internationally renowned neurobiologist, who is also a senior science advisor of Hopstem Biotechnology. Dr. Wang was one of Dr. Fan Jing’s PhD supervisors when she was studying in Canada. Mr. Wang Yutian took the opportunity of his visit to China and made a special trip to Hopstem to inspect and advice on Hopstem’s scientific progress. Dr. Fan

  • A Kite Chaser: Dialogue Dr. Fan Jing, founder of Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Johns Hopkins Unive


    Overview of the venture and innovation: Zhejiang Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou in January 2017 jointly by former neuroscience and stem cell scientists of Johns Hopkins University from the United States. Hopstem has world-leading advantages in iPSCc / ESCc neuronal differentiation, gene editing, stem cell storage and cell engineering. Hopstem is committed to using the most advanced stem cell technology to promote the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system diseases and

  • Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. delegation attended 2017 the 15th International Symposium o


    On November 9, 2017, Golden autumn gave a warm welcome to the 15th International Symposium on New Technologies of Infectious Diseases and the First International Biomedical Engineering Conference in the ancient city of Xi'an. Dr. Fan Jing, general manager of Hodder Company, was invited as the chairwoman of Chinese Forum and gave a keynote speech on Human Neurological Disease Model and Drug Screening Platform, which described the in vitro humanized disease model, leading drug screening techno

  • Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Completed and Unveiled Its New Site


    November 5, 2017, after months of intense preparation, Hopstem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. opened and inaugurated its new site in Hangzhou Zhongzi Economic and Technological Development Park. This is the first high-tech start-up company in China that focuses on iPSCs and neural stem cell storage and differentiation services. In line with the strategic needs of national biomedical innovation, it provides the most comprehensive and advanced frontier technologies for the research and treatment

  • The first exhibition of Hopstem Bioengineering at 2017 International Biomedical Innovation Summit


    As a high-tech startup company in iPSCs disease modeling and drug screening platform area, Hopstem successfully held its first exhibition at the 2017 International Biomedical Innovation Summit. Besides showcases of our HopCell® products, we have also introduced our expertise in hiPSCs/hESCs differentiation, gene editing, cell banking and engineering, as well as new directions on cardio and liver cell differentiation. Our booth attracted a lot of attendees and many of them showed great inter

  • Congratulations!Zhejiang Huode Bioengineering ltd(Hopstem)has been selected as “Eagle Plan” entrepre


    Congratulations to ZhejiangHuodeBioengineeringltd(Hopstem)!On Sep 13, Hopstem waslisted asone of the“Eagle Plan” entrepreneurs of Hangzhou 2017. The “Eagle Plan” of Hangzhou aims to speed up the growth of High-tech startups and the development of ten key industries, as well as to promote the translation of technology and startups by talented individuals. All “Eagle Plan” incubated entrepreneurs are high-tech companies with strong technology innovations, great market potentials and fast g

  • Free HopCell NPC samples for the first 10 customers!


    The first batch of NPCproductsof HopCellTMare available for purchase now in September 2017. Between Sep 10 to Oct 20, 2017, the first 10 customers can get 1 X 105NPC samples for free from Hopstem with some conditions apply. Please find more information about our NPC products on our website “Cell products” page and make inquiries to the company about this event.

  • Summer fun! Hopstem whitewater rafting!


    During this longest and hottest summer in Hangzhou, Hopstem employees have been working hard under extreme conditions like power shortage on a 107F day. Our team decided to beat the summer heat by going whitewater rafting in Shuangxi Rafting. The water gun fights, bamboo rafts and bull cart have all made July 16, 2017 a day full of fun and memory for all of us. We are a team who can work hard together and play hard together!Drift starting pointTired, add a little bit of energyHelp each other and

  • Congratulations! Hopstem enters the final competition (North American Division) of 2017 Hangzhou Ove


    Initiated in March 2017, this competition has attracted 628 innovation projects from more than 20 countries in North America and Europe. After several rounds of screening and competition, Hopstem is among the 18 that are voted for the final competition of North American Division. Dr. Jing Fan, CEO of Hopstem, will participate in the live final in Silicon Valley on September 23, 2017.

  • Congratulations! Hopstem received 1.8 million angel investments from three ventures in China


    In June 2017, Hopstem completed the angel fund seeking mission of 12 million RMB. This round of investment was led by HEDA Ventures, with Empower investment,CybernautInvestmentfollowed as the secondary investors. The 12 million funds will be spent on setting up a 9000 square feet GLP/GMP facility in Hangzhou (with GradeB clean room for cell cultures), hiring, manufacturing and marketing.

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